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Currently Managing: Carlisle

Currently Managing: Carlisle
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Friday, 8 May 2009

Good players to play as target men in fm2009

A good target men will need height and good heading ability (to win headers) and strenght to hold up the ball. Here is a list of players ideal to play as target men. These target men as perfect for knocking the ball long and high to.

Peter Crouch (5-stars)
It will be hard to sign him, only the best premier league sides will have the opportunity to. His height of 201cm makes him ideal to win headers to flick balls on to other players.

Nicola Zigic (4-stars)
This serbian is probably the tallest forward in the game. He players for Villareal and would be available for around £12 million.

Andy Carroll (3-stars)
You could probably sign this player on loan during the first season. He is a young player from Newcastle. His young age will make this player more attractive to sign and he would be available for around £5 million.

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